About Us

MXCP provides a viable alternative to young people who are out of mainstream education in Kent and the South East and are looking for useful skills.

Using motocross as a practical tool, we educate, motivate and enthuse these young people towards success in a range of courses that teach practical, social and functional life skills. These skills give them a future with options and choices that might otherwise not have been open to them.

What is the Motocross Challenge Project?

The Dover-based Motocross Challenge Project (MXCP) was established in 2000 to offer an alternative way to educate and motivate young people across Kent. Today we work with schools, care homes, foster homes, virtual schools, youth centres and youth offender services as well as private families and individuals.

Core Skills & Alternative Curriculum classes

The young people who attend MXCP are generally not in full-time mainstream education. We are here to support them regardless of social, behavioral, emotional or academic issues and offer various alternative curriculum and core skills classes alongside our motocross and mechanics training programme.

Sessions are short and with class sizes of up to nine, students can work at their own pace with all the support, assistance and encouragement they need. Our aim is not only to teach practical and functional skills but to build self-esteem, increase confidence and improve social skills.

ASDAN-accredited courses

All courses are ASDAN-accredited and can be modified in both content and length to meet the needs of the individual or organisation. Students generally attend from one to three days per week, with a minimum six weeks’ attendance required to achieve ASDAN certification.

Courses are charged upfront per term. Please contact us for full details and individual costs.

Equipment & Transport provided

All course equipment is provided, as well as transport to and from Dover Priory Station if required. Full safety gear and equipment is also provided for workshop and motocross sessions. Students only need bring a packed lunch and completed consent form (downloadable here).



Do you take on adults?

No, our courses are youth tailored as are the motox sessions.

What bikes do you have?

We've got the latest Suzuki DRZ's bikes ranging from 70cc to 125cc engines.

How long do the sessions last?

The educational courses are tailor made for each individual and the duration can vary.

The public sessions on Saturdays last for 2.5 hours, with one session in the morning and one in the afternoon.

What is provided?

We provide the bikes, all safety equipment, full training and supervision throughout the whole session.

How many riders are there on the track?

At any one time we aim to only have 4 people riding on the track at once, and rotate with 4 on and 4 off to ensure everyone gets a fair chance without it being crowded or dangerous.


Do you hire the track out?


Unfortunately not, The track is strictly used for training and planned sessions.


If you've got any more questions or want to arrange a booking, please get in touch via phone, facebook or drop us an e-mail.



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